It’s an ideal match! A heartwarming bond forms between a 93-year-old woman and a 1-year-old St. Bernard, proving that love transcends age and time.

In Mount Vernon, Washington, lives a giant St. Bernard dog called Brody. He lives with a loving family and his dad constantly shows him off on social media where Brody has his own Instagram page! However, since meeting his neighbor, he hasn’t been the same—he’s absolutely lovestruck—and so is she.

Sally, now 93 years old, was raised on a farm in Holland with loads of St. Bernard dogs as her companion. Having loved the breed ever since, meeting Brody was an absolute pleasure.

Brody loves waiting for Sally every morning when she comes out from her house to get her mail. He also loves waiting at her door or windows for delicious treats. Brody’s dad, Dave, is very supportive of their friendship!

Look how happy Brody is to see her!

Sally is absolutely delighted to spend the day with Brody.

Having lost her husband 15 years ago and been neighbors with Dave longer than that, Sally knew all of his beloved pets. But none ever struck a deep connection with her like Brody.

“He’s been happy from the moment he sees me,” Sally told Today. “I think he really loves me, Dave says it’s because of my voice.”

It was love at first sight.

Due to her Dutch accent, it’s no wonder the St. Bernard dog feels a deep connection with her. This dog breed originated from the European countries. He must have felt a sense of home with Sally.

Sally has four children but only one lives close by. All of them love seeing their mother getting along so well with the gentle giant and keep themselves updated on their adventures with Dave’s photos.

Sally and Brody spend a lot of time with each other. She would bring him to church, cuddle up on the couch to watch the news, and fetch the morning paper.

Catching up with cuddles.

They’re so happy being with each other, and we hope to see more of this dynamic duo!

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