It’s a heartbreaking sight—a dog with a massive tumor on her head left abandoned on the streets, rejected for treatment by three consecutive hospitals.

Do you believe in the power of light? We are your light! Xiao Fu, you must come on! You need to refuel, okay? You’ll be just fine. It will undoubtedly improve.”

A worrisome call was received by the volunteers around a month ago. They were notified about a dog laying by the wayside, a sight that would astound anyone. This unfortunate dog was dishevelled, had a big tumour on his chest, and was drooling constantly. Despite its awful circumstances, the dog approached with a wonderful coquettishness.

The volunteers lost little time in rushing to its rescue. The dog’s past had to have been a terrifying ordeal, but it had survived till now. They immediately rushed it to the hospital for emergency attention.

Despite its dire circumstances, this brave dog, now named Xiao Fu, wagged its tail. The medical examination indicated the amount of the tumor’s breakdown of bone. The condition was dire, and the doctor suggested that treatment might not be an option.

Undaunted, the volunteers proceeded to seek more opinions and took Xiao Fu to several hospitals. Finally, they discovered a hospital ready to try treatment. Xiao Fu’s hopeful eyes reflected its strong resolve to survive, and its condition improved with each passing day.

Xiao Fu’s journey was not without difficulties. It received a blood transfusion and was subjected to numerous testing. There were times when the volunteers felt uncertain and discouraged, but they refused to give up. They had faith in Xiao Fu’s fighting spirit.

However, the results of a CT scan were disastrous. The tumour had spread throughout its head, damaging vital nerves and bones. Although surgery was not an option, the volunteers persisted. They determined that Xiao Fu had vascular fibroma, a type of cancer that could be treated with medicine.

Xiao Fu’s treatment continued, and it had gained weight and was receiving the care it needed two months later. Its future remained uncertain, but because to the love and assistance it received, Xiao Fu was able to spend each day without regrets, surrounded by warmth and devotion.

The bride’s sick dog was gently escorted down the aisle, bringing tears to the eyes of everyone present and symbolizing the deep and touching connection between them.

After being cruelly thrown off a bridge with tape over his mouth, the puppy finds reunion and solace with his rescuer, a heartwarming tale of compassion and redemption.