It appeared that the cat had been hit by a car and was sitting in the water! heartwarming story! vid

Rescuing May A Stray Cat’s Journey to Recovery

One day, while at work, a kind-hearted individual’s friend discovered a poor stray cat in a terrible condition. The cat was sitting in the water and seemed to have been hit by a car. Despite his friend’s inability to help, the individual stepped in and took the cat to the vet, where they discovered she had a broken leg and was in hypothermic shock after spending hours in the cold water.

After spending some time in the incubator and receiving an IV, the cat began to stabilize and recover from her condition. The individual took her home to keep a close eye on her, and the next day she went for x-rays, which revealed fractures in her left back leg and right front leg.

Despite the severity of her injuries, the cat, now named May, showed signs of satisfaction in her eyes. She underwent successful surgery for a fracture of her humerus and sacroiliac desmorexia, and was soon on the road to recovery. With patience and exercise, May’s broken legs began to heal, and she was soon feeling better and eating well.

Finally, May was able to return home with her rescuer, who expressed gratitude for all the help they received in rescuing and caring for May. May’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of kindness and compassion for stray animals in need.

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