Introducing Pumpkin: An Adorable S͏e͏n͏i͏o͏r͏ G͏i͏n͏g͏e͏r͏ Tabby Who Will Win Your Heart ‎

female ginger tabby

I have always had a soft spot for ginger tabbies because of their sociable nature and captivating personalities. However, if you have ever had the pleasure of meeting a rare female ginger tabby, you would know that these feisty ladies defy the typical friendly traits associated with ginger cats.

An exceptional older cat named Pumpkin was found scared and alone when she was just a young feline. But, like most cats, it seemed that she had an inkling that destiny was on her side. Though the details of her first life remain a mystery, ever since she was discovered shortly before Halloween, she has transformed into the most delightful little pumpkin. With the love and devotion of her caring cat mom, Pumpkin has thrived for more than ten years, becoming a cherished member of the family.

female ginger tabby
female ginger tabby

How did Pumpkin enter your life?
On the night of October 17, 2009, I was leaving the wedding reception of one of my closest friends. It was just past midnight when I noticed a small figure darting under the cars in the hotel parking lot. Despite being dressed in a bridesmaid dress, I immediately got down on my hands and knees and began crawling around, determined to approach the mysterious creature. For about half an hour, I engaged in a one-sided conversation, coaxing her to come closer. Eventually, she relented, and I eagerly scooped her up and took her to my car. The next day, I brought her to the humane society, where they referred to her as a ‘him’. With amusement, I corrected them, as I had found no evidence to suggest that she was a male cat. Interestingly, I learned that about 90% of orange cats are males, but in this case, my newfound feline friend was indeed a female. After a brief holding period at the shelter, she was deemed healthy and ready for adoption, and I happily brought her home.

How did Pumpkin acquire her name?
Pumpkin received her name due to the serendipitous timing of her discovery in October, just a couple of weeks shy of Halloween. Additionally, her vibrant orange coat perfectly mirrored the color of a pumpkin.

female ginger tabby
female ginger tabby

What is her character like?
She has a strong-willed and self-reliant personality! She has an insatiable love for food and is always quick to grab a bite from your hand or swipe it off your plate before you even have a chance to react. I affectionately refer to her as my plump and lively little monkey.

What are her preferred pastimes?
Aside from her food-stealing endeavors, she absolutely adores going on outdoor strolls while wearing her harness. However, she can only indulge in this activity for about 6-8 months a year due to our harsh winters here. I initially started taking her for walks to ensure she got exercise and maintained a healthy weight. During the day, she finds great joy in perching on the cat tree near the back door, observing the wildlife outside. Another favorite pastime of hers is napping in the bay window, where she can peacefully watch the world go by. As she has gotten older, she has also developed a newfound appreciation for receiving attention and cuddling on the couch at night.

Does she share her home with any other feline or canine companions? (You mentioned having a total of five cats.)
She resides with four other cats and a freely roaming bunny. While she manages to coexist and get along with the other cats in the household, she is more of a solitary creature and often prefers her own company or spending quality time with her human.

female ginger tabby
female ginger tabby

Is there something unique I can share about Pumpkin? Well, Pumpkin happens to be quite a high-maintenance feline. Ever since she was young, it was discovered that she has a heart murmur, which was later diagnosed as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). Essentially, her left heart ventricle has abnormal thickening. Fortunately, the thickening was initially considered mild, but three years ago, it took a turn for the worse and became severe.

Surprisingly, Pumpkin seems to be doing remarkably well despite the severity of her condition. However, the vet couldn’t provide a definite timeline for how long she would continue thriving. That’s why I make sure to treasure each day I have with her, as I know it won’t be forever.

Besides her heart condition, Pumpkin also has a distinctive feature – an exceptionally thick coat. This means that she requires haircuts twice a year to prevent mats from forming. Additionally, she is more prone to urinary crystals, which is uncommon in female cats, as well as constipation. To manage these issues, Pumpkin follows a special prescription urinary and high fiber diet.

Interestingly, Pumpkin also struggles with anxiety and has been taking fluoxetine for a few years to alleviate her stress. Despite these few challenges, I wouldn’t trade Pumpkin for anything in the world. I love her for who she is, regardless of her high-maintenance nature.

female ginger tabby
female ginger tabby

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Jenna, the cat mom of Pumpkin, for generously allowing me to share her captivating tale and delightful pictures with all the devoted readers of Cattitude Daily. In case you happen to come across another kindred soul who adores female orange tabbies, be sure not to miss the opportunity to pass it on!

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