Introducing Hénri: The Internet Sensation Cat With U͏n͏fo͏r͏g͏e͏t͏t͏a͏b͏l͏e͏ E͏y͏e͏brows ‎

Henri, also known as the Canadian feline with exceptional eyebrows, has gained quite a following on the internet. While it is a well-known fact that cats do not possess actual eyebrows, Henri’s unique facial markings have captured the hearts of many. Intrigued by this phenomenon, the team at Bored Panda decided to contact Megan, the person who instantly fell in love with Henri. Through a series of questions, Megan graciously shared with us the wonderful and affectionate journey she has had with her beloved eyebrowed cat.
Despite Henri’s internet fame, he remains a happy and beloved pet in Megan’s household. As you delve into his story, you will discover the fascinating story behind Henri’s dark markings that bear a striking resemblance to eyebrows. Additionally, you will be touched by the heartwarming bond that exists between Megan and Henri. To catch a glimpse of their special relationship, be sure to check out their Instagram page.

Woman hugging white cat with eyebrows

Meet Henri, the charming feline with a set of distinctive “eyebrows.” Residing in Canada with his devoted caregiver Megan, Henri is a cat like no other.

Eager to unravel the full tale, we approached Megan to learn how Henri entered her life. Megan recounted, “It was during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when I had just turned eighteen. Despite constantly pleading for a cat throughout my childhood, my parents, who had always favored dogs, finally granted my wish. Being a staunch advocate for rescue and adoption rather than purchasing, I promptly scoured all the local humane societies and shelters for kittens. Just a few days into my quest, I stumbled upon Henri, then known as Minx, and his litter at the nearby humane society. I wasted no time in filling out the adoption application, moving with unprecedented speed. Following a series of virtual interviews with the shelter staff to ensure compatibility, Henri’s endearing personality and demeanor proved to be an ideal match, much to my delight!”

Curiosity strikes: Do cats possess eyebrows? Well, Henri certainly seems to sport a pair!

White cat with eyebrows licking his nose

Meet Henri, a one-of-a-kind cat with a predominantly white coat that is beautifully complemented by a charming black tail and two distinct markings above his expressive eyes, giving him the appearance of perpetual raised eyebrows. These unique “cat eyebrows” allow Henri to convey a wide range of emotions, from concern to surprise, sadness, and even fear, making him truly captivating to behold. However, it’s important to note that Henri’s appeal extends far beyond his striking looks alone.

White cat with black tail and eyebrows

Henri is a cat with a distinctive quirk that sets him apart from the rest. Whenever he tries to express his emotions, his eyebrows take on a funny and unique shape, adding an extra layer of charm to his already expressive face.
Credit must be given to the Instagram account mycatwitheyebrows for capturing this adorable feature of Henri.
But there’s more to Henri than just his eyebrows. He possesses a loving and eccentric personality that has endeared him to many, especially his devoted owner, Megan. Henri and his siblings were unfortunately separated from their mother at just four weeks old. Despite this challenging start to life, Henri was fortunate enough to find a warm and caring home with Megan and her cat, Chihiro.
Now, Henri the cute and little feline brings joy and laughter to those who have the pleasure of knowing him.

White kitten with black tail and eyebrows

Henri’s parents happen to be Turkish Van cats, but it remains uncertain if they too possessed the unique facial markings known as eyebrows. The adorable image of mycatwitheyebrows comes to mind when pondering this speculation.
Megan fondly recalls the early days of adopting Henri, as she shares more delightful moments. She reveals that there was intense competition for his adoption, with hundreds of applicants vying for the opportunity, some even from different provinces. However, the interviewer was drawn to Megan’s genuine love for cats and her excitement in welcoming her first feline companion. The interviewer believed that Henri would amplify this joyous experience for Megan. She expresses deep gratitude, especially upon learning about the high number of people who applied to adopt Henri.
It is clear that Henri, with his charming presence, has a knack for stealing hearts and leaving a lasting impression on those he encounters.

White kitten with black tail and eyebrows on humans' laps

Henri, along with his siblings, surrendered themselves at an incredibly young age, finding themselves in need of a caring individual like Megan. Now, we’re intrigued by the typical reactions people have when they meet Henri, one of the internet’s most amusing felines with unique eyebrows. Megan graciously shared her observations, stating, “It’s genuinely hilarious and captivates people for a brief moment! Initially, I think individuals are taken aback by how his markings create an illusion of genuine emotions. However, it quickly transforms into something comical that brings everyone joy and adoration. In person, Henri is even more adorable and humorous. He possesses a delightful clumsiness and quirkiness, and his facial expressions make everything even more entertaining. Whenever guests enter the room, he ponders them from his feline perch with an expression of sheer astonishment, appearing genuinely concerned; it’s absolute comedic gold!”

White cat with black eyebrows on the field wearing red collar and blue leash

Megan had always harbored a strong desire to bring a cat into her life, and the moment she laid eyes on Hénri, an immediate and undeniable connection was forged between them.
Credits for the image go to mycatwitheyebrows.
Curiosity got the better of us, and we couldn’t help but inquire about the origins of the name Hénri. Megan then revealed a rather bizarre tale: “It’s actually quite an odd story! Although I hail from Ontario, I have always had this inexplicable fascination with the ocean. Because of that, my family would frequently venture out East and spend a great deal of time in Quebec. The name Hénri came to me by chance when we had someone dog-sit for us in a small town there. It was not a particularly remarkable moment, but for my family, we cherished the way they pronounced his name with that charming French accent. It became an inside joke that stuck with us. When it came to naming my beloved cat, I wanted something that exuded an air of sophistication and gentlemanly charm, just like Hénri himself!”
Observing a Tiny Feline with Eyebrows for the Very First Time

Persons' hand holding cat with black eyebrows

Upon their first encounter, Megan was captivated by the adorable face of Henri, the feline endowed with unique eyebrows. Despite his diminutive stature, the striking patterns on his charming countenance were even more pronounced, instantly catching her attention. Credits for the image go to mycatwitheyebrows.

White cat with black eyebrows standing on a sink

Credit for the image goes to mycatwitheyebrows. Megan describes how Henri, even as he ages, continues to have a positive influence on her life. Whenever she returns home, she knows that Henri will never fail to make her laugh with his amusing expressions. He is particularly fond of having guests and visitors around, which Megan finds delightful. Henri enjoys the company and relishes the opportunity to meet new people. Whether it’s Megan’s parents dropping by to say hello or new acquaintances and relatives, he eagerly investigates them, ensuring that his presence is marked by leaving his scent. So, let’s give those adorable little paws and eyebrows a well-deserved rest.

White cat with black tail and eyebrows lying on the couch

Adorable little Henri catching some Z’s! And based on our knowledge of feline dozing poses, this little fellow is clearly not keen on being disturbed.
Image credits: mycatwitheyebrows
Fun Moments with Tiny Henri

White cat with black eyebrows playing with the toys

Photo courtesy of mycatwitheyebrows
Enraged Henri’s Intense Gaze Directed Your Way

Grumpy white cat with black eyebrows

It’s quite amusing to see Henri’s concerned expression when he looks at people, especially considering that his dark “eyebrows” contribute to that look. It’s not uncommon for cats to have unique fur markings, but Henri’s story has become viral, leaving us all curious about Megan’s thoughts on the attention her beloved cat is receiving. Megan expressed her overwhelming gratitude for the sudden fame that Henri has gained in just a few weeks. She can’t believe the impact that one viral video, which now has nearly 3 million views, can have. Megan acknowledges that the internet and social media are unpredictable and rapidly evolving platforms, making it hard to anticipate or even imagine the potential outcomes. She finds it surreal that Henri has managed to capture such a large audience. Although Megan wasn’t entirely shocked by the attention, she admits that she never saw it coming. Megan believes that when you share content, you never know what can happen or who will come across it, making it an exciting journey of unpredictability.

White cat with black tail and eyebrows

Henri, the adorable feline with expressive eyebrows, has a tendency to be a tad reserved and can often be caught munching his food with his mouth wide open. This endearing trait, captured by mycatwitheyebrows, lends itself to a cute and comical picture of Henri in all his glory.

White cat with black tail and eyebrows

Chomping is a way for Henri to find solace within himself, and amusingly enough, it gives him the appearance of carrying on a conversation. Photography credits go to mycatwitheyebrows. A Hilarious Incident Involving Henri.

White cat with black eyebrows showing a tongue

Henri has some unique idiosyncrasies and tends to be quite clumsy.
Image credits: mycatwitheyebrows
Kneading on blankets is the all-time favorite moment for Henri.

White cat with black tail and eyebrows lying on blue blanket

One of his most cherished pastimes is kneading on blankets, a favorite activity that he can happily indulge in for hours on end. Picture credits go to mycatwitheyebrows.

White cat with black tail and eyebrows standing on the windowsill

Henri, Megan’s utmost loyal companion, finds great joy in perching himself by the window, simply taking in the wonders of the world beyond and perhaps playfully casting judgment upon us mere humans with his adorable raised eyebrows.

White cat with black tail and eyebrows sitting on the bed

In our quest to uncover the secrets behind Henri’s constant state of feline bliss, we decided to dig deeper and discover what role Megan plays in ensuring his happiness. According to her, Henri is naturally a contented cat, as long as he gets his fair share of snooze sessions and human interaction. But there are a few specific things that Megan does to elevate his happiness even further.

First and foremost, Henri has a deep affinity for blankets. It doesn’t matter if they’re brand new or well-worn, any blanket is a source of joy for him. Megan understands this, so she always makes sure there’s at least one or two blankets in the room for him to curl up on. Even on scorching hot days, Megan’s bed remains adorned with a blanket, solely for Henri’s comfort.

While Henri may not possess the grace of an acrobat nor the size of a mighty climber, he still finds solace in loafing on his cat tree. Megan has provided him with this cozy spot, where he can fully embrace his laid-back nature and indulge in some much-needed relaxation.

In addition to these creature comforts, Megan also keeps things interesting for Henri by frequently swapping out his toys and rearranging their furniture. This constant change not only keeps him physically occupied, but also mentally stimulated, resulting in a fulfilled kitty.

All in all, Henri is one lucky cat to have Megan in his life. With her understanding of his needs and the effort she puts into making his environment stimulating, it’s no wonder Henri is perpetually content.

Person petting a white cat with black eyebrows

Megan finds great solace and support in her relationship with Henri, who assists her in managing her mental disability. With her candid admission of struggling with mental illness, Megan acknowledges the significant impact her cats have on her well-being. They serve as a beacon of hope and grounding amidst the challenges she faces. Understanding the therapeutic abilities of her feline companions, Megan treasures their presence above all else. To avoid overwhelming her loved ones with an incessant stream of cat photos, she decided to create an account solely dedicated to sharing these charming moments. Little did she know, Henri would garner his own following and bring joy to countless others. Megan recognizes Henri’s uniqueness and revels in the fact that he is now loved and appreciated by a wider audience, allowing others to benefit from the happiness he exudes.

Two cats sleeping while hugging each other

Henri, the adorable cat with eyebrows, has a furry companion named Chihiro. We were curious about the dynamics between these two feline friends, so we asked Henri’s owner, Megan, for some insight. Megan assured us that she did extensive research before introducing Chihiro into Henri’s domain, as she wanted to ensure a smooth transition. Being cautious, Megan made sure to bring in another kitten of the same gender to minimize any potential conflicts. To help them get acquainted, Henri and Chihiro communicated through the bottom of the door for some time. However, when they finally came face to face, it was pure harmony from the start! While Henri is a laid-back cat who enjoys napping and grooming, Chihiro is a more outgoing and active companion. Together, they strike the perfect balance and bring out the best in each other.

Two cats in the stroller

“They are practically joined at the hip now. Whenever I try to separate them, it’s like a scene out of a horror movie – one starts wailing and the other starts meowing in distress! Their bond is unbelievably strong, and it warms my heart to discover them snuggled up together on their cherished chair or even my own bed. Truly, these two felines have the kindest disposition, and I believe Henri is overjoyed to have a companion in his brother. Henri possesses an insatiable curiosity for everything new, including other animals – he’s always thrilled to make new acquaintances!”
In addition to their inseparable bond, both cats have shown a shared passion for exploring the outside world.

Two cats in the stroller

Acknowledging Megan’s love for nature and outdoor activities, she shared with us her delight in involving her cats in these adventures. Megan, who describes herself as a devoted nature enthusiast, ensures that whenever the weather permits, she is outside enjoying the wonders of the great outdoors. As an animal lover, Megan tries to find ways to include her feline companions in her escapades.

One particular activity that Megan and her cats indulge in is bird watching. With a smile, Megan affirms that her furry friends derive equal pleasure from this pastime. Although her aspirations include training her cats to wear harnesses, for now, she is content with them familiarizing themselves with their stroller. Fortunately, the progress in this area has been nothing short of positive.

Looking ahead, Megan expresses her desires for a “catio” in the near future. She believes this enclosed outdoor space will provide her cats with an environment that meets their natural instincts and interests. Megan does, however, recognize the concerns associated with allowing cats to roam freely outside. To protect her beloved pets and preserve the local wildlife and ecosystems, she firmly opposes the idea of outdoor cats. Nonetheless, she emphasizes the importance of offering cats opportunities to explore and find joy in the outdoors as it contributes significantly to their overall well-being and enrichment.

White cat with black eyebrows wearing a black leash

Attribution: Photo courtesy of mycatwitheyebrows.

Original content: “Image credits: mycatwitheyebrows”

Paraphrased content: “Photo courtesy of mycatwitheyebrows.”

White cat with black eyebrows wearing a black leash

Photo credit: mycatwitheyebrows
Megan Enjoying the Company of Her Adorable Feline Companions in the Great Outdoors

Woman with a cat in the stroller

Credit for the image goes to mycatwitheyebrows.

Woman with a cat in the stroller

Credit for the image goes to the Instagram account, mycatwitheyebrows, where Megan can be seen lovingly cradling her furry friend, Henri.

Woman holding a white cat with a black tail and eyebrows

Photo credits to mycatwitheyebrows
Megan and Henri Gazing Beyond

Woman holding a white cat with a black tail and eyebrows

Credit for the image goes to mycatwitheyebrows. Although Henri’s story has spread widely on the internet, he continues to be a happy and beloved pet.

Woman holding a white cat with a black tail and eyebrows

Credit for the image goes to mycatwitheyebrows. Despite a tough beginning, Henri has finally found the perfect home and a loving companion in Megan and his furry friend, Chihiro. While Henri brings laughter to people online, he is much more than just a funny cat; he is a beloved and happy pet. Megan sometimes dreams of expanding their feline family by adding another cat, and perhaps one day, Henri will get to enjoy the company of another feline friend. You too can share your stories on Bored Panda by starting to write now. And don’t forget to follow Bored Panda on Google News!

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