Instagram Cat Wins Hearts with Natural Mustache that Makes Her Look Like Freddie Mercury

Cats are born with different fur patterns. And this difference makes them special, even noticeable. A cat named Mostaccioli has recently become famous on Instagram for a mark above her mouth that looks like a mustache.

Visiting her Instagram account, you’ll see hundreds of pictures that Mostaccioli’s owner, Natalie, has constantly updated since the cat was just a newborn. The owner said that she found Mostaccioli in her garden with a feral mom cat and three other siblings. At that moment, she didn’t intend to take care of the kittens because they were too small and their mother was overprotective of them.

However, she soon realized something wrong with Mostaccioli, the youngest kitty. The cat didn’t eat well, so she started providing her extra feeding. As the cats grew up, Natalie soon noticed the mustache on Mostaccioli’s mouth. That was the moment she understood the kitten would stay as her foster child forever. The other kittens, on contrary, were able to find their own families.

Let’s look at our sweet angel when she was small:

Now, a year and four months since the first time they met, Mostaccioli turns to be a healthy and cheerful cat. She isn’t shy in front of the camera and loves catching some z’s.

According to Natalie, other things that her cat is interested in are bugs, cuddles (especially at night time), and chitchatting. She’s super athletic when it comes to playtime, and is curious by nature.

The woman is living her life with Mostaccioli the cat and her strong-bonded sister, Izanami. Having the two pets is just a blessing that God favors her! Follow the two adorable cats on Instagram for more pictures.

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