In the Walmart holiday aisle, a woman stumbles upon a kitten and decides to give him a forever home for Christmas.

When Annie Rahe went shopping for groceries, she thought she’d take look at the Christmas decor in the holiday aisle.

As she turned the corner with her shopping cart she spotted a tiny black and white kitten fast asleep between two wooden pallets, he appeared to be all alone.

Annie found a sales associate who told her that someone had dumped the kitten in the car park and he kept sneaking into the store to hide between the pallets. Workers at the store had tried to coax him out but had no success.

After hearing this Annie headed over to pet supplies aisle and bought some tins of kitten food.

“He was so tiny and dirty — the thought of him being there alone destroyed my heart,” she told The Dodo. “I wasn’t leaving without him.”

As soon as she returned with the food she put it down on the floor and the kitten came bounding over and began eating. This distracted him long enough for Annie to grab hold of him and put him in a cardboard box she had found in a dumpster.

This would keep him safe until she get back to the pet section to buy a cat carrier so she could safely get him home.

She decided to name the kitten Wally (after Walmart!) and once at home gave him a much needed bath and another meal. After he filled his belly he went straight to sleep.

Wally is totally delighted with his new home.

“He is a happy little guy who purrs immediately when I enter the room,” Rahe said. “I have to walk carefully around him because he is always right under my feet. He is very playful with all of his new toys, and he is wonderful about using his box and scratching post!”

Once Wally is fully vaccinated he will be introduced to the cat and dog that already live there.

Annie knows that he’ll make a good addition to their family and her other pets will love him just as much as she does.

When Annie went grocery shopping that day she never expected to come home with a kitten – but is so happy that she did!

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