In a remarkable demonstration of loyalty, six dogs pursue an ambulance for miles and patiently remain outside a hospital for 24 hours, steadfastly waiting for their homeless owner.

A homeless man named Luiz has six lovely dogs and their loyalty to him was magnified when he got hospitalized due to a stroke and they did not leave his side… or at least they were just a few meters away from him.

The Dogs Chased the Ambulance and Waited for Luiz

When Luiz suffered from a stroke, he was taken to the hospital in Cianorte Brazil. In a video; a heartwarming scene was captured in which the 6 dogs chased the ambulance until it reached the hospital.

The dogs followed the ambulance to the emergency entrance where they kept howling, apparently saddened by their owner’s mischief. They refused to leave the hospital and waited patiently until Luiz was released from the hospital.

Amigos de Patas, an animal welfare group, shot the video and posted it on the Internet, showing how agitated and restless the six dogs were.

According to one of their volunteers, Simone Zilane, “The dogs were desperate. They followed the ambulance, racing after it downs the roads and arrived just as Luiz was being taken into the hospital. They went mad as they took him in and howled non-stop at the entrance. After a while, they lay down on the ground and refused to leave.”

Luiz Was Released from the Hospital

Luckily for Luiz, he woke up the next day and got released from the hospital. He was given a meal and a shower while all the dogs were vaccinated, chipped, neutered and dewormed.

However, the dogs stayed at the hospital for a few more days because Luiz left through the back entrance. Since the dogs were in front of the hospital, they didn’t see their owner.

When they were reunited, the dogs were so happy and relieved and went back to their normal selves. Luiz said that all those times, he was unaware that his dogs were outside waiting for him though he wasn’t surprised when he found out about it.

Because Amigos de Patas was worried about Luiz’s condition, they offered him and his dogs a place to stay but he refused. Simone Zilane said, “we rented a very simple house for him a while ago with a big yard for the dogs but he didn’t accept it and refused to enter the house.”

Zilane also stated that NGO volunteers took the dogs to a kennel but they jumped over the wall to escape and go after Luiz.

Luiz and His Dogs before the Incident

For years, Luiz has been suffering from psychiatric problems which made him choose to stay on the streets with his stray dogs. He refused help from his family and from homeless charities.

Apparently, Luiz is happy and contended with his six loyal dogs who love and care about him so much. He may be homeless but he definitely found a family who stays beside him through thick and thin.

The Video of the Dogs Warmed People’s Hearts

After the incident, the video below immediately became popular over the Internet. People who have watched the video were heartbroken and at the same time, really amazed by the dogs’ love and loyalty for their owner.

Some said that those were the things dogs would do for humans and that Luiz was very lucky for having such wonderful and loyal dogs.

One netizen said with the username On the Botton, “the loyalty get from a dog cannot be replaced by anything else in the animal world.” Some wondered how Luiz manages to look after the dogs despite their condition but most of them admired him for not neglecting the dogs.

What does loyalty mean to you? Is it the same as the dogs’ loyalty to their owner? If you find this story heart-warming, feel free to share it with your loved ones and other pet owners out there.

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