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Klarieke and her family reside on a lovely farm in the Netherlands. While in Greece a year ago, they adopted three gorgeous kitties and called them Jack, Louis, and Stavros. They believed that this trio would be enough and that they would not need any further pets, but they were mistaken.

A small kitten came in his garden a little over a month ago, timid and extremely underweight. The woman wasn’t sure whether she even had a house, and on one of her walks to the yard, she came across Stavros and the small cat, who seemed to be best friends.

The cat kept an eye on him as he was playing and seemed to be extremely attentive of the child.

Klarieke explained:

“Stavros lived on the streets and was very sick. He was rescued by a Dutch girl who stays in Zakynthos every summer. He was looking for a home (for the cat) in Holland, so we decided to adopt him. My husband and I said to each other, ‘This is the last cat, three is enough’.”

Stavros used to keep an eye on the cat as it wandered into the family’s garden and hid among the tomato plants, ultimately finding its way to the shed.

The kitten felt secure next to Stavros, and the family recognized their relationship. They shared delightful moments of play and napping together.

One day during her pets’ dinner hour, Klarieke was pleasantly surprised to see the little feline with them. She was eating from Stavros’s plate and he didn’t mind at all; she calmly let the kitten eat until he was satisfied, and she seemed happy to see that her little friend would not go hungry that night.

Klarieke decided to make an extra dish of food at that point, and the small child gradually overcome his shyness and approached the family to eat and get attention.

The lady explains:

“In the shed, I gave the kitten his own feeding bowl, but he bolted when he spotted me.” He was apparently so hungry that he took a chance and went in to eat .

No one came to collect the small kitten during this period, and he seemed to be getting more at ease at Klarieke’s place every day. They named him Charlie, and despite his shyness around his new human family, he followed Stavros everywhere, attempting to emulate everything he did.

Klarieke continued:

“Stavros began to treat him as if he were his father, and the kitten began to spend more time with him in the shed during the day.”

After a few weeks, Charlie decided to enter the house under the support of Stavros who encouraged him to follow him inside the home, and he did not leave his side as he walked around the place.

Klarieke assured:

“We can officially say that Charlie has moved in with us and we have a fourth cat. He comes into the kitchen when it’s dinnertime and lets us pet him and even hug him.”

It was everything new to Charlie at first, and he didn’t know how to use the litter box, but he gradually adjusted to his new surroundings. Stavros, Klarieke feels, was the one who directed and assisted him through everything.

The tiny kid was also transported to the veterinarian, who checked his health.

Charlie continues to enjoy his time in the shed with his closest friend and is gradually coming to terms with his people. He is grateful for his wonderful family and the constant support that Stavros provides.

Charlie now understands that he will never go hungry or be alone again and that Stavros will always look after him. They’ve grown into a large family, and they couldn’t be happier.

If you want to know a little more about this adorable family, you can visit their Instagram account .

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