I saw a stray cat eating on the roadside in an alley next to someone’s house. I feel sorry for it

Even in the readiness that we always try to emphasize that we have to have one before bringing that life to leave. We have to be responsible and conscience that we can take them until we die or when we get sick, we must be able to take them to the doctor or to the doctor and have enough money to save their life. this

Otherwise, if we don’t think carefully, this one life that has us as the whole world will be difficult even with tears because it may be like this story. When a Facebook user named L Pitcha posted a story telling announcing to find a home to find a kind person in order to adopt the younger brother because he met the younger brother on the side of the road in the alley of the village.

That he lived in which the younger brother when he found it was very bad Because he came to ask for help, he didn’t know how to help. which he thought was probably a Scottish Fold cat with upright ears and must have been abandoned by him and had to come out to live alone, broken hearted

So he posted it to want to find someone to take care of him. because if left unattended, the youngest would not have survived because his condition was quite deteriorating Until after he had posted it on the online world, there were many people who commented that

Try to find a house or post in the group, in case anyone is looking for until finally someone asks to come and take care of the younger Because the condition of the younger sister is very poor, whoever sees it can’t really help it. And besides, you are also a cat breed, everyone wants to find a home easily, unlike a stray cat.

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