How to remove chewing gum from clothing ?


It’s nothing new: chewing gum is good, but it sticks. And, without knowing when, how, or why, you end up with a piece of chewing gum stuck on the back pocket of your jeans or even clinging to your favorite sweater. This is where things get tricky: How do you get it off? Don’t panic, with patience and the right technique, your chewing gum will disappear without leaving a trace!

Some precautions

Above all, it is essential to know that you should not wash a garment with chewing gum in the washing machine without having removed the chewing gum first. Not only will this become even harder to remove, it will also stain all laundry.

As a precaution, you can test your products on a hidden corner of your garment, such as a hem, before cleaning it to be sure that the product will not discolor the fabric.

Peel off a piece of chewing gum from clothing

No matter what surface the chewing gum is stuck to, the first step will always be to successfully peel it off before you can remove the stain. Here are several tips for removing chewing gum from your favorite clothes.

Peel off a chewing gum in the cold

This technique is surely the best known and the most effective. You can put your garment directly in the freezer, but this could damage it. It’s best to use a bag full of ice cubes to cool the gum.

So rub the bag of ice cubes on the gum until it hardens. You can then remove the gum using a tablespoon or a spatula.

Do not scratch the chewing gum with a knife, this could cut the fabric!

Hot take off

Another of the methods is that of the iron. First of all, place a thick cloth on the clean, dry chewing gum. Then all you have to do is run a hot iron over the chewing gum, which will come off your garment to stick to the top laundry.

Repeat this process until the gum is completely gone from your clothing.

Take off with acetone

Scrape off the gum first. Then, protecting your hands with household gloves, pass a cloth soaked in acetone over the chewing gum. Then rinse the area as quickly as possible.

Be careful, acetone is very effective but can make the fabric pale. It is especially not recommended to use it on fragile fabrics.

Take off with a compressed air bomb

The bomb you use to dust your computer keyboard might also help loosen up the gum stuck on your clothing. Be careful, do not use it if the fabric is not really strong.

Just spray the gum on the other side of the garment. This should harden the gum and make it easier to peel it off.

Take off with white vinegar

Heat white vinegar and then soak a clean cloth rolled up in a tampon. Then dab this cloth on the chewing gum which will then soften.

Then remove the chewing gum without the slightest effort with a wooden or plastic spatula.

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