How To Manage Stress !!


The world’s economy is in recession, and there are again the voices echoing Great depression. But it is wrong to search for a connection between these terms actually. Depression and stress are often confused, though they have little in common.

It is possible to live life, without depression, but we encounter stressful moments everyday.. People who work in big cities have constant stress because of the hard work they engage in. In order not to have problems with one’s health, it is necessary to get rid of stress as much as possible.

What occurs during stress?

Stress occurs more often when you work more than usual. In other words, it is any shock, which can be physiological or moral, caused by a sharp load on an organism. The organism reacts to stress the same way as to danger; heart work, breath is accelerated, energy inflow is observed. Such physiological implications are called stressful reactions.

Quite often stress is normal and even the useful phenomenon, it helps, when good reaction and concentration is required, whether to run a marathon distance or emergency delivery of a project.

But if stress happens too often or lasts for a long time there is nothing useful in it. Migraine, gastric disturbance, problems with dreams – all these are the results of inflow of forces during stress.  Too much stress weakens immune system, making the body more  prone to illnesses, aggravating already available problems with health. How to deal with it?

Here «three wheels» of struggle against stress:

  1. Find out what the reason behind stress is
  2. Find ways to minimize stress in your life
  3. Learn how to reduce stress and its negative consequences in a healthy way.

Let’s estimate level

The reasons are sometimes due to death of the relative, birth of the child or marriage. However in many cases not everything is so obvious.

It is important to find out, what exactly caused the stress. «The stressful diary» can be a good way. Write down all situations and events which have caused strong experiences, note, how you have reacted to them. Thus it is possible not only to establish the reasons, but also to lower the general level of stress, analyzing the diary all possible variants of your reaction to strong stimulus.

How to reduce stress

Stress is an inevitable factor of life of each person. To completely get rid of it is  only found in children’s fairy tale ‘Tin Woodman of Oz’ who hasn’t either nerves, or brains. Everyone is capable of eliminating the consequences of stress or at least to reduce them.

Control your time. Stressful situations will be less if you start to work under the strict schedule. Learn to place priorities.

Search for effective ways to cope with a situation. Estimate your previous cases of collision with stressful situations and how much effectively you coped with them.

Take care of yourself. As it will sound banal, have rest more often, do no smoke or smoke less cigarettes and go in for sports.

Speak. The unwillingness to speak about the requirements and problems is the cause of strain. Sometimes, to cope with stress, it is good to talk about it.

It is always easier to cope with any misfortune, including stress with the help of friends.

Some simple advice

Everyone wants to overcome stress. But there are some universal advices, which is necessary to know before going to the psychologist.

Sports. Regular physical exercises help to relax. That is why during working days, it is better to jog as a form of exercise.

Write. The diary or blog will help if you have no one to talk with.

Allow room for your feelings. Laugh, cry or smile with whom you trust.

Do what is pleasant. Your hobby will help you relax. Volunteer work is often used as a remedy against stress.

Be relaxed. Respiratory exercises, massage and yoga – all these will help to remove the physical stress.

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