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How Long Do American Shorthair Cats Live


It takes time to get to know your cat. Cats have a complicated range of behaviors that can be perplexing to even the most seasoned cat owner.

The one question that can be addressed with confidence is how long a cat can live on average?

The life expectancy of a cat is around 12 years.

Although cats do not have nine lives, factors such as diet, healthcare, and habitat can influence how long they live. Because neutering eliminates reproductive problems and neutered cats are less inclined to roam, neutered cats live longer.

Domestic cats can live up to 20 years old, depending on a variety of factors, including luck. They will go through six critical life stages during their lifetime, which may assist owners to understand potential health/behavioral issues and what to look out for.

Stages of Life:

1. Kitten (up to six months)

This is the perfect time to introduce your cat to a variety of new experiences, including other pets, household noises, being groomed and handled, and becoming acquainted with children.

During this stage, they will experience their most rapid growth spurt. This is also an excellent time to neuter your pet in order to avoid undesired litter.


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