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Homeless blind cat survives NYC streets


This gorgeous ginger cat had a very rough start in life. He survived, somewhat miraculously on the streets of New York for a few years before being rescued.

It might not sound so terrible at first; stray cats do it all the time. They live on the streets their entire lives and survive many hardships throughout the years.

Most of those stray cats that survive for years are not born blind though!

Stray cats have to survive many hardships of living on the streets for years.


At the age of 3, Ginger Ale was finally rescued from the streets but he was taken to a high-kill shelter. Due to his blindness and poor health conditions, the shelter put him on the list of cats that had to be put down.

Ginger Ale had a few days to live if no one came to his rescue. Fortunately, someone fell in love with him right on time!

Ginger Ale got adopted in the nick of time! His mom nursed him back to health and now he’s a happy and healthy cat again.

At last, Gingerale found a family to call his own and they love him to bits.


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