Heroic Rescue and Adoption: Man’s Helping Hand Frees Kitten Trapped in Attic, Inspiring Him to Offer a Loving Home to the Adorable Feline.

A man helped rescuers save a tiny kitten and had his heart smitten by the little guy.

Barb Gosselin and her team of rescuers from Shuswap Paws Rescue were working on a TNR (trap-neuter-return) project at a property in British Columbia, Canada when they heard a kitten meowing, coming from the roof.

They don’t know how the kitten got up there, but the crying continued for quite a while. The kitty was trapped inside the attic where there was no entrance.

“A volunteer trapper called, saying she heard him screaming but couldn’t get him,” Barb told Love Meow. “It was way too hot. We went to the house and were determined to get him out.”

They played a video of a cat mom calling her kittens to help pinpoint the whereabouts of the kitten. “He would cry whenever we would play the video,” Barb said.

The kitten ended up in a part of the attic that was not accessible. “We took doors off and there was no attic access.”

Garlin, a contractor who has been working on the property, came to offer a helping hand.

“He had already helped rescue a kitten from that property four days earlier, and he took that kitten to the vet and gave it a home.”

When he learned that another kitten needed help and was trapped in the attic, he immediately sprang into action. “He ripped the ceiling down on the porch so we could reach the kitten, but the kitten ran to the other side,” Barb told Love Meow.

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