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Here’s Why your cat is Shaking? 4 Causes And What to do!


Seeing your cat shaking may be very alarming for a cat owner. For one thing, it’s an unusual sort of behavior, and your first instinct will likely be to assume the worst. First things first – don’t panic. Try to remain calm – there could be several reasons for your cat experiencing shaking, and not all of them are life-threatening.

Shakes can result from something as innocuous as your cat dreaming to feeling a bit cold, to an illness or undiagnosed condition. So bear in mind that not all shaking in cats is cause for alarm.

In this article, we’ll look at the most common causes of the question of why is my cat shaking and what you can do to alleviate at least a few of the reasons. In all situations, though, consider consulting your vet if the shaking persists.


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