Heartbrоken Cаt Redisсovers A Sсent He Thоught He’d Nеver Smеll Agаin

Most of our lives we are led to believe that cats and dogs will never be able to coexist under normal circumstances. The next video will prove cats are cool and independent creatures but that doesn’t mean they don’t get emotionally attached with dogs.

This is a story of a cat Zeus and a dog named Sam, they live together in their owner Catanzarite’s house. Zeus and Sam’s relationship are best friends living under the same roof. Zeus always tried to cuddle with Sam and play with him, but Sam was always uninterested. While the cat is usually the ones who have a funny way of showing affection, the dog who expressed his love through tolerance.

Sadly, Sam passed away two months ago and it broke the cat’s heart. Sam may be gone, but Zeus found a way to reconnect with him and that proved the cat’s best friend never left his mind.

After the dog’s passing, Catanzarite’s brother had kept his old collar on a bookshelf in his room. One day, Zeus found it, he recognized the familiar scent on the collar, and it brought him back to a time when the cat and the dog lived together as best pals.

Nothing will ever bring Sam back, but his presence still lingers in spirit and scent — and now Zeus knows exactly where to go to find it. Zeus is surrounded by a family who loves him and shares in his loss, and they’ll continue to get through life’s hardships together.

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