Getting Back From Vacation How To Act ?


Whatever type of childcare you have chosen, this period will have been a break in the habits of your companion: unusual sleeping and eating place, modified pace of life, different environment (box, apartment, countryside), presence of ‘other animals …

What to do for a good rehabilitation?

For a smooth rehabilitation and a perfect recovery in hand of your companion, here are some tips:

Treat it against ticks, fleas and intestinal worms:

If your companion has been in a kennel, in the country or in contact with other animals, it is possible that he comes back with these parasites which are easily eliminated by an effective product (external anti-parasite and dewormer). To find out more, consult our fact sheets Fleas in dogs , Ticks in dogs and Worms in dogs .

Check the condition of his ears for the presence of scabies:

Scabies are very contagious and can be caught very easily, to know how to recognize it, consult our sheet Ear mites in dogs .

Look for small hidden wounds for animals that have stayed in the countryside:

In summer, beware of the presence of spikelets (small, dry, pointed grasses) which get stuck in the skin and can create an abscess or infection. They often get lodged between the pads of the paws, behind the ears, or in the ear canal (if the dog is shaking its head).

Winter vacations are often synonymous with pad injuries from road salt and cold.

Check the animal’s weight:

If he was depressed by your absence or if he was given a different food, he will have lost weight. On the contrary, if he was spoiled by his host family, he will have put on weight. In both cases, it will gradually be necessary to make it regain its initial weight. You will increase – or decrease – his daily ration by around 10% until he regains his healthy weight.

Manage the change of diet:

Many dogs are sensitive to a change in food. A sudden change in diet can create a digestive disorder (diarrhea, regurgitation). If you change your food, it is better to stick to a dietary transition of 5 to 8 days, by mixing the two foods or types of food and reducing the amount of the old one while gradually increasing the amount of the new food. For this, it is always good to provide a bag of the usual food for the care of your animal.

For a dog who has spent his holidays outdoors and who must return to an apartment:

It is recommended not to make a sudden cut. The first few weeks should be taken for him to take long walks and allow him to run, gradually reducing the frequency and duration of these outings to return to normalcy.

Taking back your dog’s obedience:

If he has been very free all summer or in the kennel or if he has had all the rights (getting on the bed, claiming at the table …) the recovery must be immediate and firm. He must understand that it is over, it is good to do small refresher sessions at home on obedience to orders and walking at feet.

Whatever type of childcare you have chosen, our companions are always very happy to find their master and their habits. These few tips should allow you to find them serenely.

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