From initially being reluctant to have a dog, a dad now lovingly tucks her into bed every night, embracing the beautiful and unconditional bond they share.

Dad Who Didn’t Want A Dog Now Tucks Her Into Bed Every Night

Most people adore dogs unreservedly, but there are others who, for whatever reason, prefer to avoid them.

Seven years ago, Rachael Rodrigues acquired Oliver, a lovely Golden retriever puppy. She was ecstatic, but also a little shocked.

She was overjoyed, but she didn’t know what to do with him because she was aware of her parents’ feelings on dogs.

Rachael stated to The Dodo :

“My parents were strongly opposed to getting a dog since we had always had cats and they were unwilling to handle the extra effort (training, walking, grooming, etc.) that comes with having a dog.”

Despite this, she chose to bring her new pet home, and to her surprise, her parents’ reaction was fantastic.

The most wonderful thing was how happy Rachael’s father was with Oliver; there was such a strong connection between them that they quickly created a really unique friendship.

“Dad was smitten from the start. He frequently wandered about the house with Oliver in his arms. We believed Oliver had a stomachache and wouldn’t sleep through the night the first week we received it, so Dad slept on the floor with him beneath a blanket and patted his stomach all night.”

Although he despises admitting it, Rachael’s father has treated Oliver as if he were another member of the family, which the dog enjoys.

Oliver’s father loves him so much that when nap time arrives, he covers him with a blanket to keep him warm. This lovely image is repeated every time it is time to sleep, and it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful vistas in the world.

“Because Oliver was sleeping on Dad’s pillow, Dad decided it was prudent to cover him up.”

Rachael’s father wraps Oliver up like a big boy, and despite the fact that he never wanted a dog, he has now become his spoiled brat.

Now, Oliver has become Rachael’s father’s most adored son, and he, without a doubt, adores his human father.

No one can resist a dog! It’s clear this dad has changed his mind in a big way and has made an unlikely best friend.

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