For over six months, the Khao Manee cat with special eyes had to sleep on the ground and eat on the sand

Even in the life that was born, they were not able to choose to be born badly. Life was elegant, but still without people to accept or care. Therefore, he had to wander around and wait for his life to survive each day. Even if I have to sleep in the middle of the ground and eat in the sand every day when it rains, I have nowhere to hide or take shelter.

Similar to this story when a Facebook user named Dao Duangkamon posted a tearful story after meeting Nong Khao Manee, a male two-toned jasmine who has not yet been neutered and weighs about 5-6 kg. .Being affectionate, easy to eat, easy to live in. She is a stray cat in the neighborhood.

Which she has lived for about half a year now, even though her house already has a cat, so she can’t raise her because they can’t really raise Even on the other hand, I want to raise him, but I want him to have a home, have a warm family, or have someone to help raise him or be more ready to take care of him.

Good appearance, near Rangsit White House, Khlong Luang So I would like to ask for a house that is ready to take care of the younger ones. If not very far away, I would be happy to take the younger ones home. Or if you go to raise and want to ask to help keep updating the younger ones because she gives rice and water to keep worrying about him

Which if anyone wants to get a white cat, Manee, good-natured, easy to live, easy to eat, easy to raise, can contact from the beginning of the post We would like to thank the posters for compassion and to sustain this life for more than half a year. And I wish Nong Khao Manee to get a warm home that is ready to take care of me until I die.

Is the story about difficult-to-adopt cats due to their unattractive appearance or the misguided beliefs of potential adopters?

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