Firefighters Rush To Save Pet From Roof Only To Find Happy Dog Who Enjoys Heights

We all love a firefighter. The real-life superheroes don’t just save lives – they also protect our beloved pets. But sometimes, their rescue missions don’t quite go according to plan…

Where would we be without our firefighters?

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It doesn’t bear thinking about!

Alongside fighting deadly blazes, they’re also known for being the best of friends to our beloved pets.

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But one group of firefighters in Hazelton, Pennsylvania, had a rather unexpected discovery when they were called out to rescue a dog trapped on a roof.

They arrived at the residence fully prepared to climb up and save the pooch.

But they soon discovered that he actually didn’t want saving!

“We were called to an apartment block on Laurel Street to rescue a dog who was stranded on the roof,” a spokesperson from Hazelton Fire Department said, as per People.

“When we arrived, it became clear the dog did not need rescuing, and we were told that he ‘does it all the time.’ “

“We were unable to make contact with the dog’s owner, but the dog came down and went into the apartment while we were at the scene,” they finished.

What a daredevil!


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