Fearless Mother Cat Rushes Into Burning Building 5 Times To Save Her Kittens


The natural world is filled with examples that show that motherly instincts are universal and exist in every single species. The next story, like many others, shows precisely that. 

There is no denying that some creatures are more courageous than we may think. That was demonstrated by a mother cat in Brooklyn who practically walked through fire to save her five babies.


Scarlett, the mother, was seen bringing her babies out of a burning garage one by one by Brooklyn firemen. She was gravely injured and each journey cost her more money. She suffered burns on her body and had lost some of her furs. Her paws and ears were blackened, her eyes were closed, and she was on the verge of passing out. Scarlett, on the other hand, hung in there until all of her kittens were safe. She checked each one with her nose to make sure they were there before passing out.

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