Disturbingly, someone callously abandons cats in sealed buckets in the heart of NYC, casting a shadow of cruelty over the city. The shocking act ignites a collective determination to protect and rescue these innocent lives, ensuring they find safety and a future filled with love.

Someone Is Abandoning Cats In Sealed Buckets In NYC

The NYPD is currently investigating two incidents of abandoned cats in the SoHo neighborhood. The cats have been placed in closed buckets and were lucky to have been found. They are doing just fine at Animal Haven now, but if one staff member didn’t see a cat peeking from a bucket, they could have very well been dead by now.

It wasn’t one cat only – there were two buckets with two cats found in a corner of a building alive, but in poor shape. The cat now named Sage was discovered first. The NYPD has accessed security cameras and saw a man leaving two buckets in the building, although it’s still unclear who he is. It’s also unclear if he left the buckets for the animal shelter, but it’s a cruel way of abandoning an animal.

If the cats weren’t found, they would surely have died. Both are doing fine, although the second cat is a bit too scared. Staff from Animal Haven say that if anyone wants to surrender a pet they can’t keep anymore, they are free to contact the shelter. Even if they can’t help directly, there are ways to surrender pets safely, not in this way.

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