Distressed Kitten Seeks Assistance After Getting Trapped In Garage-kitten !heartwarming story! vid

When Love Furry Friends got a call about a kitten crying in one of the locked garages, some rescuers rushed to the garage to help the kitten. They arrived at the place and found out that someone had already tried to save him. The good person broke the back of the garage and left some food and water for him.

Screenshot: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

The rescuers called the police and asked to help them find the owner of the garage. After talking to the owner, he agreed to come and open the garage to help them save the kitten. The little baby was scared and just hid under a car. The owner found a loophole and run between the garages. The rescuers quickly followed and caught the kitten.

When they picked him up, they noticed there was something wrong with his left eye. They looked around and checked again to make sure that this was the only kitten stuck in the garage. The rescuers immediately took the kitten to the vet clinic for a check up. They named him Tom.

The vets found that the kitten had an eye infection, so he needed to stay at the clinic for a few days to get medical treatment. After checking, he was given a bath to remove fleas and dirt from his body. They warmed him up and reassured him to make sure that he felt safe and comfortable here.

Under the love and care of the vets, Tom was healthier and better after 10 days. He was strong enough to leave the clinic and find his forever home. Love Furry Friends started looking for a loving family for him. Thankfully, a great woman fell in love with him and decided to adopt him. He is now living happily in his new home and is no longer homeless.

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