Determined Cat Tries to Fit Inside His New Haunted House Despite Size Difference

Meet Backpack, the shelter cat that was literally so frightened that she wouldn’t eat or show her face to anyone. However, all of that changed when they found her a foster home.

Backpack was discovered just wandering around the streets of Philadelphia when she was spotted by a child. The child immediately tucked the frightened cat into a backpack to try to keep her safe while bringing her to a nearby animal shelter.

When Backpack first arrived at the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), she did everything she could to hide herself. Volunteers would try to comfort her, but she curled her body into a ball and buried her head deep into the volunteer’s arm as if trying to make herself invisible.

“She is completely terrified and shut-down despite our best attempts to soothe her,” PAWS shared Backpack’s story on Facebook. “She’s too depressed to eat here… Despite feeling so down, she still gratefully accepts petting and head rubs.”

After a bit of encouragement, they finally got Backpack to show her pretty face!

PAWS went on to share this update on Facebook: “She just arrived and has already gotten settled. In the shelter, she was too scared to show her face or even eat, but now that she’s in a home she’s feeling like herself again!”

Just a few moments after her arrival at her new foster home, she began to relax and open up a bit more.

“So far, so good. She has been here a few minutes and is exploring her room. Next up, something delicious to eat!” foster mom Michelle stated.

It is amazing what a comfortable home setting can do. Backpack now felt safe in her new home and you can see the happiness in her eyes. She is no longer fighting to hide her herself.

PAWS shelters several other adult cats who need of foster care due to stress or illness. A slight change of scenery in a loving home environment can make all the difference to a cat.

Backpack has now been adopted by a forever family and she’s “Now, she’s happily adopted and thriving in her home!”

If Backpack’s story has touched your heart, please consider fostering or adopting a cat just like her.

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