Despite being at risk of being euthanized due to its flat nose, the kitten’s life was saved and it went on to become a worldwide sensation, proving that it was worth believing in

Willow was a little vagrant who couldn’t even be given to an orphanage. There they would have got rid of her immediately, because because of her strange appearance, she would never have found her owners.

That evening, 50-year-old Lori Farris was returning home from a center for visually impaired and blind children when she noticed that a kitten had followed her. It was very tiny and very dirty. There was blood on his nose, and his eye was inflamed from an infection. The kid stubbornly minced after the woman, whose heart trembled. She took the kitten with her and showed it to the nearest veterinarian.

He explained that the baby is actually a girl and, although she is, in principle, healthy, her condition leaves much to be desired. In addition to the obvious problems, the cat was heavily infested with fleas and intestinal parasites. And when they managed to wash it, it turned out that her nose was completely flat and fluffy. The veterinarian advised not to give the cat to the shelter, because such “defective” ones are often euthanized there, because no one wants to take an unusual kitten.

Without thinking twice, Lori took the kitten to herself and named him Willow, writes Metro. Having cured the cat, the woman began to take cute photos with her and shoot funny videos, posting them on social networks. And, to the surprise of the hostess, Willow instantly began to gain popularity. She now has 254,000 followers and 3.7 million likes on Tiktok, and the comments are full of enchanted fans.

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