Cute Kitten Is Determined To Survive With Her Brother By Her Side

Anna and Matty were abandoned and brought into a vet clinic with their other other two siblings.

The four of them were incredibly sick and had to be given round the clock care as they were so young and vulnerable.

Sadly, their two siblings passed away but Anna and Matty, with the right care and attention, were ready to fight for their lives.

The Sparkle Cat Rescue organization gladly accepted custody of the kittens and entrusted them in turn to a loving woman, Sarah Kelly.

Sarah welcomed the two sibling kittens into her home knowing they would need loads of love and attention.

She realized from the beginning that the kittens were facing the biggest battle of their lives and needed someone on their side to help them pull through.

It was still necessary to do round the clock care as these tiny kittens needed to be fed every two hours and soon the two of them began to gain weight.

Both Anna and Matty had developed severe intestinal problems so the vet recommended a special diet that included antibiotics and supplements.

Once their eyes were open the siblings personalities started to come through and they continued to gain weight.

Sarah was delighted with their progress, and just when things were going well. She noticed that Anna had started to limp.

Sadly, Anna had broken her leg, her bones were weak due to the lack of nutrition in her first days.

This cute kitten was given a splint and medication, and in a few weeks she had regained full mobility.

Her doctors were amazed at how quickly she had recovered. This tiny kitten was a real fighter but it must have helped having her brother constantly by her side, and of course, Sarah.

Both of these kittens has come on so far and now it was time to think about adoption.

As it turned out, their adoption was easy – their new forever dad was actually Sarah’s brother!

Sarah was delighted because this would mean the little kittens that she had become so fond of would always be in her life.

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