Crowd Is Speechless When They See A House Cat Get In A Bear Enclosure


In nature, it is pretty common for small animals to be prey for bigger and fiercer ones, and you surely wouldn’t expect the big ones to behave protectively towards the others. But even if that doesn’t seem like normal behavior, it actually did happen at the Berlin Zoo, with a bear behaving very differently from what we would normally expect. Indeed, visitors and zookeepers were all very surprised to see this 800-pound bear facing a cat in his enclosure, and they were going to be even more amazed just seconds later to see the way the bear behaved with the cat.

An unusual behaviour

Mäuschen was the name of an Asiatic bear at the Berlin zoo that, in 2000, had a very strange behavior for the ones around him. Indeed, they observed a black house cat (that would later get called Muschi) getting into the enclosure, and while they expected it to get killed something very different happened. Mäuschen was one of the favorite bears at the zoo as everyone considered it a beautiful, imposing, and strong animal. But that was also the reason why people were really surprised with his behavior towards the cat – they knew just how harmful it could be. 


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