Couple surprised after they buy a tiny kitty, and it grows to be the world’s longest cat

When this family adopted this cat they never thought she would get this big.

Omar is a very big fellow and they were really surprised when Guinness Records contacted them informing that he might the the biggest in the whole world. And moreover he is not fully grown yet.

When a kitten he was tiny and no one ever imagined that he could get so big. After one year Omar came in around 3.93 ft. And he weight 30.86 Ibs.

He became famous when his pictures were posted on the Instagram pages. And he lives with special routine. Waking up at 5 AM eating kibble as breakfast, taking nap outside and for his dinner enjoying some kangaroo meat.

This giant always demands cuddles and attention during whole night. And he sleeps on the couch as he takes too much place on the bed.

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