Couрle Stоpped at Airрort Securitу Beсause Thеir Cаt Wаnted a Hоliday Tоo!

Nick and Voirrey live on the Isle of Man with their three cats. The couple had recently decided to go on holiday to celebrate Nick’s birthday.

They had left one of their cases empty so that they could bring gifts back with them. The couple had no idea that one of their cats, Candy, had decided to tag along by hiding in one of their carry-on bags!

This cheeky feline was only discovered when they tried to go through security at the Isle of Man Airport.

Staff at the airport had spotted a kitty outline when the bag went through one of their security scanners.

Smuggling pets, even by accident, through airports is a criminal offence in the UK.

Out of their three kitties, Candy has a special talent for squeezing into bags and boxes and this isn’t the first time she had secretly hitched a ride out of town.

Luckily though, the couple received no punishment for Candy’s crime.

She was picked up by trusted friends and Nick and Voirrey were able to make their flight.

Why Candy had decided to hide in the suitcase remains a mystery, the most straightforward explanation was that she was looking for a quiet place to take a nap!

I like to think that she really fancied going on holiday!

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