Ćirko, a blind cat from Croatia, spent years living in a cramped chicken coop, deprived of the freedom and space that all cats deserve

When the volunteers of the Association of Nine Lives from Osijek received a report that a blind cat has been living locked in a small chicken coop for years, they were horrified . As they say, it was the only way to save it. Grandpa took him in as a kitten , he planned to treat him, operate on his eyes and help him as much as he could.

The association explains how he walked him around the yard on a leash and made sure nothing happened to him. However, grandfather soon fell ill with cancer and died. Ćirko stayed with his sick grandmother, in less than perfect conditions.

“This is no life for him, but we will also not judge the grandmother who cared as much as she could,” the volunteers write. On Saturday, March 25, Ćirko went with them to Osijek, hoping for a better life.

They immediately noticed that he was not tame, at least not at first. Life in isolation left its scars. He spent all those winters and summers locked up and alone. He sneezes, his fur is bad, and he is a big cat because he never lacked food.

First, they placed him in their hospital. They also planned a visit to the veterinarian. A day later, they realized that despite his sad life story, Ćirko is an extremely good, calm and loving cat. It’s going in a circle, which they are aware of, it won’t stop so soon, maybe it will just decrease over time.

They got an appointment with the veterinarian especially for him – for a long systematic examination, and we are waiting for the results and opinion after that examination. They cut his hair, took off the matted fur that was on his back. Ćirko lay patiently, it pleased him. And haircut, and then combing.

He had this kind of treatment for the first time in his life . “If only it were as easy to throw away and forget the past as we throw away a hair today. But we know that it won’t be so easy,” the association added.

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