Chained in the cold for his entire life, he has lost all trust in humanity.

This is Potchie who was abandoned and nobody was unattended. He has been chained all his life in the cold, losing all faith in humanity.

With a high infection and parasite infestation/mange on his skin, severe anemia, previous trauma to his hip and femur bones, and a crack in one leg. With his cherry eyes making it difficult for him to see, Potchie finds himself unable to move his hind legs.

 “I can’t stop crying when I see his condition and remember how he was when we rescued him. Potchie was bathed, and I gave him his massage and therapy/workout.”

“We’re giving him bone and joint supplements, as well as massages and therapy. We must first strengthen and stabilize him before undergoing cherry eye surgery and castration.”

He is more mobile now, and his eyes are no longer swollen. With the exception of some sand-like specks, his skin is now clear and pink.

Despite his baldness, notice the difference in his most recent photos.

“We were able to purchase an improvised adjustable wheelchair for Potchie. More exercise and therapy, such as swimming, and Potchie might be able to stand and walk on all fours again (I hope and pray!).”

He has recently improved his ability to move quickly.

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In the icy snow, she delivered 10 puppies, tirelessly nurturing them while hoping for someone to come to their rescue.

The stray mother dog nestles into a box with her puppies, offering warmth and shelter to ensure their safety.