Cats vs. Dogs: Which One’s Better?


4. Cats May Cause Allergies

Their fur carries dander, and their saliva is a known culprit in causing allergies. There are a lot of people who suffer from allergies. If you are allergic to cats but do not care much about appearance, a hairless cat breed like the Sphynx or Devon Rex may be a solution.


5. Cats Are Not Too Easy to Train

While your dog may go to obedience classes, your cat may have a hard time learning things like walking politely on a leash. It is hard to tell if the cat is really acting dumb like he has no clue what you want or if it is just a smart strategy to make humans give up on training them. Telling a cat not to climb on your kitchen counter or not to steal your steak from the table may be a challenge that will require some good thinking and special strategies.

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