Cats vs. Dogs: Which One’s Better?


3. Cats Are Clean

You will not smell that typical doggy odor, and they rarely have anal gland issues. Your home will not smell like a cat, and if you are particularly careful in keeping the litter box clean and fresh with high-quality litter, chances are, nobody will ever know you share your roof with a feline.


4. Cats Are Lazy

Well, some are really not much. There are some hyperactive breeds, such as Bengals and Siamese, but most cats are pretty lazy pillow-warmers that sleep up to 16 hours a day. There’s no need to walk them every day to keep their energy levels low; tossing a ball about the room will suffice.

5. Cats Are Litter-Trained

Cats do not need to be walked at 5 in the morning in the dead of winter with Subarctic temperatures. They will do their business in their litter box while you can sleep in after a late evening. All they need is a litter and a litter box and a 5-second daily scoop.

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