Cats vs. Dogs: Which One’s Better?


Pros of Owning a Cat

1. Cats Are Easy to Take Care of

All they need is a food and water bowl and a litter box, and they should be good to go. Additional items can be added at your own free choice. Some spoiled cats have cat trees, scratching posts, toys, catnip, special shampoos, and grooming kits. Others simply enjoy a window view and a piece of paper rolled up, and that will make their day.


2. Cats Are Independent

Yes, you can go to work for 8 hours straight, and your cat may not miss you, or at least it will not make a fuss when you leave. They can easily entertain themselves and cater to their needs on their own. I once had to leave my cat alone for the weekend (boarding was out of the question as she did not do well in unfamiliar territory), and I was worried sick. But when I came back, she acted as though nothing had happened.

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