Cats vs. Dogs: Which One’s Better?


4. Dogs Need to Be Walked

That nippy morning walk may feel like a chore to some dog owners. The truth is, your dog will need to be walked 365 days a year. Hiring a dog walker may be costly and procrastinating may mean ruining your well-housebroken dog. It is a fact that like it or not, your dog must be walked rain or shine and even snow.


5. Dogs Are Bulky

Large dogs may not be permitted in apartment complexes, and some breeds are even banned lately from communities. If you are planning to move, you must do your research well as some places will not allow dogs over a certain weight. An 80-pound dog may also feel like a cow in a china store once it grows up to its potential, and it may tug at the leash in such a manner to make its owner fall.

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