Cats vs. Dogs: Which One’s Better?


2. Dogs Depend on Humans

Some dogs suffer from great separation anxiety when left alone, and this may lead to destructive behaviors. Others may bear with their owner’s absence but cannot be left alone too long because they need to be fed and sent out to potty and because they tend to feel lonely.

Dogs need to be boarded or brought along when owners are gone for several hours or an entire weekend. It is a sad fact that dogs are often abandoned because of this. Not everybody is willing to deal with dogs destroying things because they are bored or suffering from separation anxiety when alone.


3. Dogs Chew

A puppy’s teething may turn into a nightmarish event. If not redirected to chew toys and bones, most dogs will try to gnaw on the attractive dining room table legs or even chew through the drywall. Some dogs still will chew for the rest of their lives if not trained early on what behaviors are acceptable and which are not. However, most dogs will learn their boundaries and will learn to leave your furniture alone.

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