Cat Helps A Little Girl With Autism Live Her Life To The Fullest!


Autism is a difficult condition to live with. It literally prevents many people from living life normally and severely limits the capacity for people to express their lives normally.

Iris was only 4-years old when she was diagnosed with autism way back in December 2011. Everyone concerned feared she would never be able to live life normally. Iris struggled desperately with expressing herself, showing affection, communicating and even social interactions.

And so, they brought him a new family friend, Thula, who is a Maine Coon cat! This adorable feline ended up being more then just a best friend and pet, but one true miracle! Iris had a lot of difficulty speaking, however, when she met Thula the cat, it was a miracle

Thula truly brought out the best in Iris. She soon started talking more, being more open, even sleeping much better and she even started communicating!

Cat Helps A Little Girl With Autism Live Her Life To The Fullest! 1

Thula followed her brand new friend Iris around everywhere and never left her side!

Cat Helps A Little Girl With Autism Live Her Life To The Fullest! 2

Thula goes absolutely everywhere with her best friend Iris and helps her make it through every day! Thula has proved herself much more effective than any other solution for keeping Iris at her healthiest and happiest!

Cat Helps A Little Girl With Autism Live Her Life To The Fullest! 3

When Iris goes swimming, Thula goes along and doesn’t mind at all!

Thula rarely leaves her side. When Iris takes her bath, the kitty comes along and plays in the water

Iris doesn’t mind taking baths so much when she has her kitty with her

Thula helps Iris do most everything normally! And when Iris is stricken with an anxiety problem, Thula lends a helping paw!

Wherever Iris goes, Thula her best friend comes along!

Thula is quite adventurous and willing to do just about anything!

The two of them even go on walks together, helping each other each step of the way!

Thula has helped in miraculous ways by giving Iris the confidence to do things she would normally never do.

They comfort each other through the hardest of times and make each day happier, because they’re together!

Iris is now able to live her life to the fullest, all thanks to Thula, her best friend cat and comforter!

Today, Iris lives her life to the fullest, all because of Thula the cat!’

Be sure to watch the inspiring video just below!


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