Cat Egg Mold Lets You Make Your Eggs Kitty-Side Up (Video)


Forget sunny-side up, I’ll take my eggs kitty-side up! Finally, a new way to enjoy breakfast for cat lovers everywhere, this Cat Egg Mold allows you to enjoy eggs shaped like your favorite animal. As if you don’t spend enough time each day worshiping your cat, here’s yet another way to pay tribute to feline greatness.

We can all thank Egg Addiction for the incredible Cat Egg Mold, made to delight the young, the old, and the catty. The uniquely designed egg coral transforms boring old eggs into the perfect shape of a cat face.

The cat-crazy invention may seem a bit odd but it’s clearly coveted by many. After all, the Kickstarter campaign for the project already has 1,433 backers and a total of $38,681 pledged with 47 days still left to go. This is quite an achievement considering the egg mold started with a much smaller goal of raising $5,000.

The mold is easy enough to use, simply crack and separate two eggs in small bowls and then add the yolks into each eye area and the whites into the remaining space on the cat mold, which sits directly on your stovetop skillet. That’s all it takes to make a dish that deserves a standing meow!



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