Cat Begs for Attention from Workers, Ends Up Getting Kittens Indoors and Adopting Another One Half Their Size

A cat begged for attention from workers and ended up getting her kittens indoors and adopting another one just half the size of her own.

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Honey the kitten@adoptablesnyc

A stray cat found her way to a construction site and gave birth to a litter of kittens. She sought attention from the workers there and gushed over them every time.

When the workers discovered her kittens, they wanted to get them somewhere safe. The kittens were getting increasingly active and curious and needed to be taken indoors.

The workers reached out to their local animal rescue and asked if they could take them.

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Glory the cat was found living at a construction site with her kittens@puppykittynycity

Volunteers of Puppy Kitty NY City sprang into action. They started arranging for a foster home, so the family of four wouldn’t have to stay at the construction site or be in a shelter kennel.

Alyssa who fosters for the rescue, welcomed them into her care. They were ensconced in a comfortable room with all the amenities, and the cat mom, Glory, felt right at home.

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She was an instant snuggle-bug when she arrived in foster care@adoptablesnyc

Glory was an instant snuggle-bug when she stepped out of the carrier. She immediately took to the comfy bed, the feeding station and the litter box as if she had always lived there.

She had been a champion mother, keeping her trio fed. She was very skinny and had a lot of filling out to do. Now, it was her time to be nourished.

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Honey was rescued as an orphan@adoptablesnyc

While Glory was snuggling with her kittens, kneading away on her blankets, there was a little tabby, not far away, hoping for a mother’s love.

About a week prior to their arrival, Alyssa took in a tiny kitten named Honey. She only weighed 175 grams, half the size she should be.

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Alyssa bottle-fed her around the clock, kept her warm and showered her with all the love she could supply. Honey was a great eater and wasn’t shy of voicing her demands.

She was lonely being a singleton. When Glory and her babies came along, Alyssa decided to place Honey with them to see if they would accept her.

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Honey is very little but has a lot to say@adoptablesnyc

Within minutes, Honey was embraced by the feline family, nursing alongside her new siblings, as if she had always been part of their crew.

“We took in a kitten that was an orphan, and Glory has pitched in to help nurse her,” Alyssa shared with Love Meow.

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Honey joined the cat family, nursing along with her new siblings@adoptablesnyc

Glory spent ample time tending to her four before she would take a break to replenish with food, water and affection. She made sure that her little ones had full bellies and that they were kept immaculately clean.

“She is super sweet, friendly and dedicated to caring for her kittens and her ‘adopted’ baby, Honey.”

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Glory adores all her babies@adoptablesnyc

Honey gets supplemental feedings while she continues nursing. Being just half the size of her siblings doesn’t stop her. She can hold her own when they wrestle and play.

The bigger kittens show their little sister the ropes, and Honey follows them around, keeping up with the tempo.

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Honey and Gabby (left); Nap time with her siblings (right)@adoptablesnyc

“I upgraded their space so they can explore more and for Glory to have more room to stretch out. She is such a good mama, but I can see she wants so much love.”

The kittens have grown by leaps and bounds over the past week. Glory is now taking more me-time to do what she loves while Alyssa helps babysit her young.

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Gilly and Gordy@adoptablesnyc

The kittens are honing their feline skills through play and plenty of mischief-making. They are learning to groom each other, use the litter box and eat from a dish like their mother.

Once the kittens are old enough, they (along with their mom) will be spayed and neutered, and Glory will enjoy being the center of attention that she ought to be.

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When the kittens are done romping around, creating antics, they are huddled up on Glory’s belly, nursing away in bliss.

“It’s such a joy watching so many of their firsts. Honey is half their size but doesn’t think she is.”

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