Calico Cat Reclaims Health and Happiness Thanks to Love and Care

It’s amazing what love can do! It brought this calico rescue her magnificent coat back to its original glory, and now she can finally live the life like a royal queen.

“My beautiful Lily. She’s a rescue. When we got her, she was incredibly malnourished and had stomach problems. Now she is as gorgeous as ever,” reddit user WoundedDonkey said.

On the day she was adopted! She was just skin and bones.

Lily found her favorite spot to perch on – the Guinea pig cage.

With love and a comfortable home, her personality came out.

When she is not watching the Guinea pig, she is supervising her humans on the kitty shelves they made for her.

Helping her humans prep for Christmas.

As time passed, Lily grew a gorgeous fluffy tail which she loves to wrap her legs around with :).

Lily now! Healthy, loved, fluffy, and gorgeous as ever! “She’s our lioness! ”

The family got a boat and located two small surprises inside: 2 cute kittens.

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