Cаt Rоlls Dоwn the Stаirs 5 Timеs a Daу

Belinda had decided it was time to have some kittens in the family, so she contacted a local rescue that focused on the welfare of the feral cats and kittens in the community.

She put in an application for three kittens and before long was matched with Posey, Echo and Willa, all of whom came from a feral mom. (Scroll down for video)

Once Belinda had taken them home she discovered that they were fascinated by the stairs, they had never seen them before. All three would sit on the stairs and run up and down them play fighting and exploring.

Belinda had a basket of toys at the top of the stairs and she would toss them down for the cats to play with, it was lots of fun for everybody.

Posey had a favorite toy, and when it rolled down the stairs Posey would roll down after it. This made Belinda laugh and Posey noticed that so she continued doing it to entertain her human mom.

But it soon became a thing for Posey because Belinda could hear her kitty rolling down the stairs even when she wasn’t there to watch her.

Her sisters didn’t really understand what she was doing and had no desire to copy her, they would just stare, as if to say: “That’s not how you’re supposed to go down the stairs!”

It became a regular habit for Posey and she rolls downstairs at least four or five times a day. Belinda believes it’s Posey’s way of expressing herself and showing her joy for life.

Belinda has noticed that Posey has four different methods of rolling down the stairs, there’s the Slippity Flippity, Head Over Heels, Whippy Paws and Belinda’s favorite one, the Butt Thunk! The last one makes quite a noise on the stairs as you can tell by its name.

Belinda is obviously a great kitty mum and all of her cats lead a wonderful life.

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