Brave Samaritan dives into the storm drain to save a helpless kitten, displaying unwavering heroism in the face of danger and ensuring its rescue.

Recently, a little tabby kitten went to in a car engine near a parking lot. When the driver returned to his vehicle, the kitten jumped out and ran to seek re.fuge.

As a result, she went straight into the sto.rm str.ain and became in the drain. She became ter.rif.ied and continued to ye.ll for help until her voice became hoarse When Avi Kuzi noticed the tr.apped kitten in the drain, the brave man jumped into a storm drain by going down into a small manhole to save the tiny stray kitten.

Avi said: I always get to be there for them “the animals”, no matter how challenging the road.

Turns out Avi is an animal rescuer from Israel who has saved thousands of animals through his heroic efforts. And all of his motivation to continue this work stems from his deep love for animals.

Avi share that the little kitty is doing well. And the kitten will undoubtedly find a new family who will adore her forever. It’s awesome!

You are indeed a GOOD MAN. Thank you so much for caring for this little creature. It says alot about you!

We admire people like him…thankful for people like him.

May God bless for saving one of His loveable animals.

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