Brave rescue kitten, S’more, proudly wears a yellow splint and has an unwavering desire for playfulness !heartwarming story! vid

S’mores the calico kitten made quite the fashion statement with her yellow splint and tennis ball in foster care. Although she arrived with a “badly broken and infected elbow,” she was an incredibly resilient and playful kitten throughout treatment. Rescuers described S’mores as “fierce,” and her strength continued to impress and even shock everyone.

S’mores arrived with her littermates with a displaced fracture in her elbow. At the time, it looked like she would need an amputation of the limb, but in the meantime, she rocked her yellow splint. It’s hard to imagine being playful with such an injury, but remarkably, she was.

S’mores the rescued kitten wears a bandage and splint.
S’mores Rocks Her Yellow Splint

They shared this cute TikTok featuring the purrfect song, “Made You Look,” by Meghan Trainor.

The Tampa Bay-area nonprofit rescuers from “A Kitten Place” and the veterinarian were trying to save S’more’s little leg. But even if she needed to have it amputated, they knew she would be just fine. Nothing could hold her back.

S’mores Takes Off The Splint And Keeps Going

Unfortunately, the medical care she needed was expected to cost over a thousand dollars, requiring donations. She was one of many special needs kittens the rescuers were determined to save, each with hefty vet bills and care needs. But their wonderful volunteers do all it takes to save each special needs kitten and cat.

At first, they were sure the kitten’s leg would require amputation. But S’mores surprised everyone. At a surgery consult, the vet recommended taking off the splint to see how she did. To everyone’s surprise, she made an ameowsing recovery, and later they believed she could recover without surgery. That’s just what she did! It doesn’t seem possible, a little miracle for this fierce kitten.

S’mores and Caramel the foster kitten help foster mom Crystal clean up. Image via Facebook.

“Checkout baby S’more running around using that previously fractured limb!! We had a surgery consult to get it amputated, as the fracture to her elbow was SO bad…but after the orthopedic surgeon recommended we remove the splint to evaluate how she does…she took off and never stopped!! Her awesome foster Crystal says that this little kitty is quite resilient – we believe that she will NOT require an amputation after all,” A Kitten Place shared on Facebook.

With Crystal’s care, S’mores dramatically recovered and became a real beauty.

S’mores grows up in foster care with Crystal Knight

She met a special friend named Cookie in foster care, and the two became besties.

Cookie, S’mores sibling in foster care

When they were ready, the kittens found a home together, and S’more became Gracie. She didn’t have to wear her splint again, and she became the most beautiful and graceful kitty.

“Congratulations to Narragansett, Cookie and S’More who have all gone to their forever families!!” A Kitten Place shared.

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