Born to Be a “Meowdel”: This Adorable Cat Radiates Natural Charm and Purrfection.

Meet June, a Maine Coon/Siberian cat who has big blue eyes and beautiful facial markings. Thanks to her stunning look, she becomes famous and gains many followers on Instagram.

She came in her human life when she was just a kitten of 12 weeks old back in 2013. From the moment her humans took her home, she had been an Instagram kitty.

Her mom loves to take photos and loves cats, so she created an Instagram account for June. She often takes photos of June and posts them on it.

After her photos were shared, she soon showed everyone she was born to become a model! She is photogenic and confident thanks to her beauty. Not only does she have a face that looks attractive in photographs, she also has great skills that help her pose purrfectly in every photo.

Although she can be sassy and grumpy, she always has great photos that will make us green with envy. June even has her own website with a blog, where her mom posts her stories and photos. Through this blog, she can let people know what is happening with June even more!

In December 2019, the family welcomed a new kitty named Jazz into their home. She is a Norwegian Forest cat and was born on September 8, 2019. And on September 4, 2020, they welcomed a new member named Mason.

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