Because I took the wrong turn on my way home, I was able to rescue a lost kitten on the highway


“I ended up taking the wrong highway home and to my luck a kitten was running for his life in the middle of a busy highway,” said Laila, who runs an animal rescue in Kuwait, the Winston Memorial Foundation.

“I couldn’t keep driving so I stopped my car and he was so terrified he got into the pipes of my car.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/rescueforwinston

As Laila proceeded to rescue the tiny tuxedo he took off and hid under a nearby car nowhere to be seen. Thankfully a kind-hearted man stopped to help.

“A kind man stopped after watching me struggle to find him and get him to my car, but after sometime we were convinced he had ran away.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/rescueforwinston

However a hunch told her to take her time, so she returned to the scene and continued searching for the tiny life form.

It took two hours but then she heard tiny cries coming from her car, and found he had run under her car and held on from underneath. She then called a roadside rescue service to help retrieve him.

Screenshot Courtesy of Instagram/rescueforwinston

Laila who thought the little guy was around 5-6 weeks old began desperately looking for a foster home for her new rescue as she lacked the space in her own home. After she took the petrified kitten to a vet for a check-up she placed him in the quietest place she could find giving him the name Hitch.

“He was so scared that he started trembling uncontrollably and just shut down.”

Screenshot Courtesy of Instagram/rescueforwinston

As the days went by slowly but surely Hitch lowered his guard with the help of Laila’s loving care. The shivering and shaking stopped and he began to trust.

“He warmed up each day with some TLC and slowly started trusting humans.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/rescueforwinston

As time went by it dawned on Hitch that he was safe and dodging cars was no longer going to be a daily passtime. This was when he completely transformed, seeking out attention wherever he could find it, in the process engaging his purr engine.

“Hitch has gone from being terrified of humans to demanding affection. How adorable is he?”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/rescueforwinston

“He was one of the most vocal kittens I’d ever fostered,” Laila went on to say.

“He loves to chirp when he wants attention and gets offended when I stop petting him. He went from a feral boy to a love bug.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/rescueforwinston

Soon Hitch was ready to meet the other kittens and continue his socialization process. A process which ended in the handsome young tuxedo being ready for adoption.

Soon he the Kuwait Kitty was travelling over the ocean only to find himself in Washington DC, to a home of his very own.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/rescueforwinston

“The kitten who held onto my car from the highway to my house, flew across the world from Kuwait to Washington DC.” Now, Hitch has found his forever home with a feline sibling to spend his life with.

“Life works in interesting ways, and taking that wrong highway turn was one of the best decisions I (accidentally) made.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/rescueforwinston

Keep up with all the news at Laila’s rescues and the Winston Memorial Foundation here on Facebook and also here on Instagram.

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