As kittens step into a welcoming home for the first time, they swiftly transform into affectionate cats craving attention.(Discover more ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡)

Two kittens walked into a comfy, clean home for the first time. They turned into nonstop purring cats the second they were petted.

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Toast and BellAsa

Toast and Bell were rescued, among a number of cats and kittens, from a hoarding situation in WV on New Yearโ€™s Eve. Tails High, an animal rescue, took them in alongside six others and provided a soft landing for them to heal and socialize.

Asa, one of the foster volunteers, prepared a quiet, comfortable room for the pair to settle in. Unsure about their temperaments, she sat on the floor and waited for them to come out from the carrier.

When the kittens noticed their foster mom, Bell (white and orange) immediately made a beeline for her. She was about six months old and incredibly affectionate, nuzzling up to Asa for some TLC.

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Bell loves peopleAsa

A few seconds later, Toast (cream tabby), two months younger than Bell, popped his head out and stepped into the room. He watched as his sister vied for Asaโ€™s attention and was encouraged to follow suit.

Toast bounded up to his foster mom and bumped her hand for some head and back rubs.

fluffy blue eyed cat

She assures Toast that everything is okayAsa

The kittens were covered in filth after spending their whole lives in a crowded and challenging environment.

โ€œI spent a good chunk of my New Yearโ€™s Eve evening giving these two a bath since they were dirty. Despite the terrible living conditions they came from, these two are the absolute sweetest,โ€ Asa shared with Love Meow.

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They were rescued from a hoarding situation and covered in flea dirtAsa

The bath didnโ€™t bother them as they allowed their foster mom to scrub away the copious amount of flea dirt and wash off the grime. โ€œThey immediately opened up to me, purring up a storm as they nudged for pets.โ€

Bell plopped down on Asaโ€™s lap and rolled around with her outstretched paws, paddling away.

kittens snuggly

Bell immediately found a warm lap to snuggle inAsa

Toast quickly settled into his new space, seeking attention like his sister and playing with every toy he discovered.

โ€œThey are so affectionate to the point that it took me over an hour to get a photo of Bell since I couldnโ€™t get her more than a few inches away from me.โ€

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For the first time, the two kittens had a clean bed to sleep in. They nestled beside each other while filling the room with loud, rumbling purrs.

โ€œNonstop purrs. Itโ€™s amazing how sweet and affectionate they are despite the horrible living conditions they were in.โ€

sweet ginger kitten playful


While Bell was more outgoing from the get-go, Toast came around quickly and joined in the fun. Their endearing personalities started to shine through.

โ€œBell is the rock of the two. Toast is a bit more wary about new situations, but Bell is there to assure him that everything is okay and that they are in good hands,โ€ Asa told Love Meow.

snuggly kittens bed

Toast and BellAsa

โ€œTheyโ€™re both absolute love bugs. Theyโ€™ll start purring up a storm the moment theyโ€™re pet.โ€

While Bell lay comfortably on Asaโ€™ lap, revving her purr engine, Toast sidled up to her to give her a thorough face wash.

snuggly fluffy cat

Toast gave Bell a gentle face washAsa

โ€œBell loves to be near people and will roll over to lay on me the second I sit down with her. Toast, while also very affectionate, is the more playful of the two.โ€

Toast has grown obsessed with his ball tracker toy, batting at the orbs with all his might. Bell partakes in mischief-making with her brother but prefers spending most of her waking hours snuggling and clinging to her people.

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Bell is about two months older than ToastAsa

The rescue hopes to find the duo a forever home together. After what they have gone through, โ€œwe think theyโ€™d benefit from starting their new lives together.โ€

Thanks to the help of many volunteers, Toast and Bellโ€™s lives have forever changed. They have blossomed into major purr machines, basking in the love of their people.

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