An endearing kitten with a cranial deformity captivates hearts with its unique and enchanting appearance, teaching us the profound lesson that true beauty transcends physical differences and radiates from within.

All pets deserve love, no matter what they look like. Some animals are just born with disfigurements that make them look a little different, but all they want is to be loved just the way they are.

That’s the case for one unique-looking cat, who is still a happy, playful cat despite everything, and his carers hope one day a family will love him they way they do.

A kitten named Pinocchio was born with a cranial deformity, resulting in a very unique appearance. He has a misaligned jaw resulting in a “twisted” look, but also has two huge blue eyes that are hard to resist.

The kitten was brought to Friends for Life Rescue Network, who quickly discovered that despite his odd appearance, Pinocchio was a happy, cuddly cat.

“He was very, very sweet upon first meetings,” Jacqueline Santiago, owner of the rescue, told The Dodo. “[He] purred right away.”

But Pinocchio also required some medical attention. In addition to his cranial deformity, the kitten was born with a severe umbilical hernia. He underwent surgery, funded by donations, and is now recovering.

He has his own special chest plates that make him look like a superhero with the Superman and Batman logos.

Due to his medical issues, Pinocchio is not currently up for adoption, and likely won’t be until adulthood—he needs time to be looked after and be taken care of.

But when the day comes, the rescue hopes this beautiful kitten will find a family who loves him just the way he is.

“He rubs on you, loves to play and bounces around,” Santiago said. “He’s a really happy guy who loves everyone — other people, other cats and dogs.”

He may be different but we think Pinocchio is beautiful the way he is! Hopefully when he gets better he’ll find the perfect forever home.

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