An adorable dog saves and adopts an abandoned kitten in the pouring rain.

People often say dogs and cats are born to hate each other, but the truth may say otherwise. In fact, they can get along with each other really well, and their relationship can be pure and affectionate just like any friendship out there. They can be not only friends, but also each other’s guardian angel.

Meet Hazel, a dog with a heart of gold who saved a stray kitten in the rain and brought her home safely. The Yorkie-chihuahua-poodle mix has been living with her mother Monica in Abilene, Texas for almost 3 years so far, since she was only a few weeks old.

On a rainy day, Hazel got out of her house to go pee-pee for a short while. Because of the pouring rain, Monica didn’t go with her pup. She knew it was not a big deal for Hazel because the sweet dog always managed to get home in time. Monica rested assured at first, but as time went by, she was getting nervous.

Finally, just when Monica decided to go out to look for her baby, Hazel appeared in her line of sight again. But she wasn’t alone. She just brought home an unexpected guess – a super tiny kitten.

The soaking wet dog seemed to be very patient with her new friend. Hazel walked really slowly and often turned around to make sure the small cat didn’t lag behind. Meanwhile, the kitten moved awkwardly in the rain right behind Hazel, she looked a bit shy.

The two made it to Hazel’s house together. And when the little feline couldn’t reach the step to enter the house, Hazel even lifted the kitten up herself.

Despite her surprise, Monica still took care of the kitten. Her heart was warmed by Hazel’s heroic act, too.

The kitten later was taken to Monica’s brother, Michael. They named the lucky cat Sheba. Sheba fitted in with her new family perfectly well, and in the future, surely Hazel and Sheba will have plenty of time to have fun together!

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