An abandoned little Pitbull puppy, left in a parking lot, cries out loudly upon being rescued, expressing a mix of fear, relief, and longing for care.

A local Shelter in a small hamlet in China got a call from a man witnessing a scene of a rickshaw driver pulling his dog by the neck. He was really outraged with the other driver’s actions.

The wounded dog could not move and crawled into the entry to warm up, but from there it was tossed out into the cold.

The rescue team quickly went to the dog in distress; a horrible scene was unfolding before the eyes, a nasty man is pulling on his dog’s neck.

They quickly went there to rescue the tiny dog . The rescue team bagged him to spare the dog . After that they had to spent roughly 30 dollars to buy the dog.

The dog was a fairly skinny , he was really hungry, the owner probably wouldn’t feed him.

Later, they took the dog to a medical clinic to check on his health and take excellent care of the small soul.

He is safe now and he will live and grow with good people who will give him love and care who didn’t had before.

A parched stray dog, longing for water, seizes an empty bucket, imploring passersby for hydration.

A brave puppy’s desperate plea for help triggers a daring mission to rescue their mother from a giant python attack, highlighting exceptional courage in the midst of peril.